Inspired by estheticians massage techniques and created by an Italian industrial designer, Carbonnique is blissfully light. No wires, no cables, no batteries. 100% portable, it’s a pleasure to hold and to roll while it loosens tightness and tension in the jaw and neck. So you not only feel relaxed, you look relaxed. A pleasure to use, the blissfully simple face and neck massaging tool is designed to lift, contour and reinvigorate your skin. 

Carbonnique wants to help transform your beauty routine into an experience that's anything but routine, starting with the ultimate facial roller (that you'll actually use). This beauty devices brand was created by founders Marta Pichlak-Miarka and certified dermatologist, Monika Konczalska, who wanted to offer her patients a gentle, alternative pro-aging solution for all skin types. Using a unique combination of sustainably sourced wood and biocompatible ceramics, they've created a double-headed tool specifically made to fit your facial contours and gently cradle your skin from both sides, mimicking the massage techniques of professional aestheticians. Use it to contour your skin or help relieve some stress at the end of the day.