"My story begins over 27 years ago as a Saturday girl in my local pharmacy. Fascinated by the rows and rows of amber bottles, I watched person after person come in asking the pharmacist for help on their various ailments and was enthralled as he expertly blended from the amber bottles lining those shelves." Margo Marrone. The Organic Pharmacy aims to be 'The Best in Organic Health & Beauty'. Offering a complete organic health and beauty range, it shows it's possible to create an organic product that is beautiful to look at, luxurious to use and more effective than its synthetic counterparts without compromising your health or beauty. Its herbal and homeopathic dispensary and high quality supplements provide the tools needed to restore the body and bring about balance and health. Managing stress, cleansing our bodies, feeding our cells essential nutrients are key to a healthy anti-ageing lifestyle. The Organic Pharmacy principles are simple: the best organic ingredients, honest expert advice, quality service, incredibly effective products and a caring environment.