Corpus is made for people who don’t want to sacrifice quality for the sake of going natural. Natural body care formulations have been around for a while, but most haven’t kept up with the recent advances in natural chemistry. This meant people who valued “natural” had to settle for products that did not work, and scents they did not love.

CORPUS has refined and redesigned what a natural formula can be. The result is a deodorant that goes above and beyond what you may have come to expect from “natural.”Our proprietary vegan, plant-based formulations are designed to be both purposeful, and elicit happiness.

Every aspect of the product – from its formula to its packaging to manufacturing – is highly considered; using renewable hydroelectric and solar energy. We did this out of a sense of responsibility and dedication to being able to trace every step in the production process. Being “made in California” means we are closer to the process and can be involved in away that wouldn’t be possible without local vendors. CORPUS is committed to transparency at every level and only partners with manufacturers who share the same values. Working with manufacturers in their local community has the added environmental benefit of a reduced carbon footprint because the product travels less.