John Masters Organics is luxury organics to inspire the senses, to soothe the mind and to heal the body. Caring about yourself and caring about the earth doesn't have to be mutually exclusive. Why use synthetics when natural products work better and are safer for the environment? This labor of love has yielded a complete range of luxury organic products. Therapeutic ingredients, sensuous aromas, beautiful results, John Masters demands it for all of his products, as do his celebrity clients. John Masters' mission is always to provide the most organic, natural products available on the market today. Caring about yourself and caring about the earth don't have to be mutually exclusive. For over 20 years, this has been the guiding force in creating Super Natural Beauty for your hair, your skin, and your home. John Masters Organics grew out of my desire to create a luxury beauty line that treats the earth with respect. The result is the culmination of the hard work performed by people all over the world.