“I am my first customer. I created AIME because I wanted to offer an alternative that made sense and that worked to people, like me, who suffered from skin problems. I’ve had rosacea for years and tried everything. Without significant results. It’s only when I started to look into nutrition and that I understood the link between gut health and skin health that my skin started to change. And I hope that now that AIME exists, yours will too.”

Mathilde Lacombe, AIME co-founder

At Aime Skincare, we are convinced that taking care of your skin is above all taking care of yourself. We have chosen to reinvent skin care by imagining a new beauty routine that combines cosmetic products and food supplements.

Our expertise in micronutrition has given rise to a complete range based on probiotics designed to provide a global response to the imperfections and imbalances that any woman is likely to encounter in the course of her life. Acne, rosacea, dehydration...your skin is a reflection of what is going on inside.

This is why we combine the best of cosmetics and micronutrition to offer you a lasting solution that treats each problem at its root. Adopting the AIME routine means adopting simple gestures that help you reconnect with your inner balance to better reveal your beauty.