Yun is the one of the founders of YÜLI. Prior to founding YÜLI, she was a cosmetics chemist. Yun was raised from a long line of traditional medicine practitioners in her family and she holds degrees in Chemistry and Natural Sciences. At YÜLI she is able to merge her mastery of botanical remedies with her knowledge of modern skin science in creating our exclusive formulas. Their purpose: to develop the ultimate skincare line of uncompromisingly high-quality, high-performance luxury product by embracing fresh, pure biologically available, active ingredients, cutting-edge science and green technology. These were the beginnings of YÜLI.

YÜLI is an advanced, high-performance, innovatively formulated skincare line based in the United States. YÜLI combines clean formulations incorporating only the purest ingredients from organic and wild-crafted origins with modern skin technology and biochemistry to deliver a line of uncompromisingly effective, cutting-edge, luxurious skincare.

The YÜLI Skincare collection is made for the modern consumer who wants powerful ingredients, clean formulations and advanced scientific breakthroughs. Our products represent an uncompromised vision of excellence in utilizing many rare and powerful ingredients such as stimulating plant infusions, high-tech gel emulsions, advanced peptides, bioregenerating concentrates, powerfully replenishing bioferments, chiral botanical extracts, anti-aging bioretinols, fortifying antioxidant complexes, frequency enhanced waters and supercritical plant extracts, which all deliver superior results for skin.

YÜLI is cruelty-free. All products are innovatively & sustainably produced in micro-batches in the USA with research and development completed on our own labs or in collaboration with our alma maters at Stanford University and UC-Berkeley in the heart of Silicon Valley.