Artisanal, high-performance skin care, made by hand on Kauai, Hawaii.“Mahalo” is an ancient Hawaiian word of gratitude, esteem, and respect. MAHALO skin care was born out of fervent yearning to expand the limits of experiencing and celebrating our beauty. It is a Hawaiian enchantment and inspiration for indulging in sacraments of self-care for the manifold gifts of your skin, your mind, your spirit, and the Earth. In inspiring you to be deeper enthralled by your beauty, MAHALO skin care offers simple indulgences in eco-chic skin treats that are intentionally designed with artisanal beauty and ingredient integrity. Our potent bioactive blends of organic botanicals, exotic super-oils, antioxidant-rich plant butters, and Earth minerals cocoon you in the opulence of Hawaiian sun, the dew of tropical mornings, and the life-giving force of volcanic land. The sophisticated performance is achieved without preservatives, synthetics, parabens, harmful chemicals or animal testing. Take a moment for mindfulness, for MAHALO.