Dr. Alkaitis is a high performance, “living” skincare line, created by the highly regarded and world-renowned scientist, Dr. Saulius Anthony Alkaitis. Dr. Alkaitis treats the skin as a living organ and if you feed an organ healthy “living” food it will be healthier. Dr. Alkaitis’ extracts and products are all made in-house ensuring they contain only “living” ingredients. “Living” means the highest-quality plants, left in their natural state, rather than having their potency diluted inside a laboratory. Plant extracts are often broken down into “actives”, taking what is seen as the therapeutic content, and discarding the rest. This goes against dr. Alkaitis’ ethos of celebrating the full power of plants in their biological state. All the extracts contained within dr. Alkaitis skincare are never heated above the body’s temperature, to preserve and increase their therapeutic benefits. When we say pure, we mean it. You won’t find the “plant derived” ingredients, GMO’s, trans-fats (which the body finds hard to break down), synthetics, or chemicals that are common in most skincare products. All products are handmade from start to finish with Certified Organic & Wild Crafted Food-Grade Ingredients.