Emma Heming Willis wife of the famous actor Bruce Willis - With more than 20 years of experience in the beauty and fashion industry I had already tried and used a lot of products – maybe you could call me a cosmetic junkie, one who loves a beauty routine. However, when I became pregnant, I found that in this joyful yet sensitive time in my life many of these products didn’t meet my expectations and I felt the need to return back to the basics coconut oil.

CocoBaba is a gift from one mother to another; an offering of wellness, of realness and of healing care. We’re here to be truthful about the struggles of motherhood and to never sugar-coat the hard parts. We’re here to support you through the worst of it with care and candor, they way only a mother can.

“Why couldn’t we have it all? Why couldn’t there be beauty products made with conscious ingredients that were safe and effective against stretch marks?