Inspired by Tibet’s ageless natural beauty, Akar’s nutrient-dense essentials are for both everyday self-care and an effortless indulgent ritual. Nourishing an non-discriminating for all skin types, Akar harmonizes Eastern and Western traditional ingredients to align inner and outer illumination. 

Akar offers contemporary self-care rituals with its luxury collection. The result is peacefully balanced skin. 

The word “Akar” is Tibetan for white crystal. Clear, white crystals are known to enhance the attribute of purity, wellness and new beginnings. Tibetan culture teaches to seek mindfulness in everyday interactions between humans and their surroundings. To us, mindfulness encompasses humility, kindness, and compassion – values that are the very essence of the Tibetan lifestyle. 

Sea Buckthorn and Goji Berry are two superfoods that have long been used in traditional Tibetan medicine. They boast amazing healing properties for both health and beauty, and are powerful antioxidants primed to eliminate signs of aging.