A Tongue Cleaner Changed My Life is a new Ayurvedic wellness brand, founded in Paris, from ex-fashion industry executive Monique Foy. Our first hero product is a premium 100% copper Ayurvedic tongue cleaner. We are a female-founded start-up, on a mission to help others make small changes in their daily regimes that can lead to big shifts in their health and wellbeing. What you scrape off your tongue every morning is so gross, it’s amazing. Trust us.

“My philosophy is that the path to feeling well and balanced is about curating a collection of habits that make you feel good. Some will be easy, some hard. Seeing that thick yellow, slime come off in the bathroom sink every morning from my Tongue Cleaner, made me a whole lot more aware of what I was putting into my body. Ultimately, adopting this quick, small wellness ritual inspired other good habits and was the catalyst that helped me finally give priority to my health.” Monique Foy, founder