Lanshin Sculpting Spoon - Jade

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Made of top grade Rose Quartz this stone has all the right shapes and notches to:Not often produced in XiuYan Jade, this batch of Lanshin Sculpting Spoons originally came to us in a limited quantity. It has a rounded edge as well as a flat edge for added sculpting effects. 

We love the Lanshin Sculpting Spoon for precision work like cheek sculpting, draining puffiness, advanced under eye release, jaw release, sinus congestion, nd more. 

The Lanshin Sculpting Spoon is a great addition to any Facial Gua Sha lover’s collection, including those ready for more advanced techniques and extra sculpting efficiencies.

To help you get the most out of your Lanshin Sculpting Spoon - Jadev, watch the video.

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