Dewy Facial Mist.ery – Revealed

Hello beauties,

being my first blog post I definitely have a bit of stagefright.

So please, use your tomatoes for a salad or pasta sauce and don’t throw them on this virtual blog stage.

Since being on Instagram I reallized that ONE product was absolutely missing in my beauty routine – a toner. I considered it superflouse , but I was wrong.

A toner cleanses, clarifies and prepares the skin for other skincare products and can simply be used during the day as an extra boost of hydration and freshness

Therefore I went for the Dewy Facial Mist by de Mamiel.

Why this one?

I like to check the ingredients prior to purchase any beauty product and I need to identify my expectations.

As a working-mum and a hobby cook, time lacks for extensive beauty rituals and so I searched for a fuss free toner that pampers my skin with a lot of hydration and fights fine wrinkles.

The scent is very calming and I enjoy closing my eyes, taking a deep breath and let the toner stimulate my senses, when spraying the mist on my face in the morning and evening.

Let’s ask 3 questions to Annee de Mamiel:

Q: What’s your product?

A: Dewy Facial Mist – This is more like a serum in a spray, it is loaded with performance actives to hydrate and balance the skin. It can be an instant pick me up to help us through daily lifestyle stress and harsh environmental elements as our busy lives drain our skin and our spirits.

Q: Why shall we use a toner in our beauty routine?

A: The wonderful thing about the products these days is so many work on different levels, toners used to work to ensure all of your cleanser was removed, I don’t think that is the case anymore. I think of my mist as adding hydration (bamboo bio waterh, hyaluronic acid), balance (with pro and prebiotics) and radiance (peony) antioxidant rich protection to the skin (superoxide dismutase, pea peptides).

Q: What secret advice would you give us for using your toner?

A: Read the ingredients and know what each of them does!

Well ok, good advice, let’s do it:

  • Rose water has so many benefits, it moisturizes, is anti-bacterial and combats light redness.
  • Aloe Vera helps heal wounds faster and the amino acids (like lysin) improve skin elasticity and slow down the skin aging process.
  • Hyaluron acid provides rich moisture and replenishes the skin’s natural moisturedepot. It makes skin firmer and fuller, and way making you look younger.
  • Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccaride fortifies the skin and protects it from environmental influences and stress.

As you may have noticed – the Dewy Face Mist is definitely a  must have, try it to believe the hype!


Sarah (greendaisy81)






3 commenti su “Dewy Facial Mist.ery – Revealed

  1. Hi Sarah! Good luck for this amazing adventure on GSC’s blog *o*
    I tought toners were unnecessary too, but I changed my mind when smelling the “Digital Detox” mist by Amly Botanicals and definitively felt in love with it!
    Take a look at it on GreenSoul Cosmetics’ website 😉

  2. Ciao carissima Sarah ?❤ innanzitutto congratulazioni per il tuo primo post! ? io amo i tonici,specialmente le mist,mi piace la sensazione di fresco che danno e li trovo anche molto aromaterapici! Questo ancora mi manca da provare.. ? deve essere veramente una delizia per la pelle e i sensi! E il pack fa la sua parte,è bellissimo! ? un bacio ?

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